A4 colour and functional finishing set

   DEVELOP launches ineo+ 3850FS with integrated finisher

Langenhagen, January 2014

Since more and more office workers want less manual work in their everyday document jobs, DEVELOP has added an integrated finisher to one of its successful A4 multifunctional colour printers. The new model ineo+ 3850FS completes the renewal of DEVELOP’s entire A4 office line-up and represents the next generation of Konica Minolta´s A4 devices. The ineo+ 3850FS has been developed to fulfil every customer requirement and therefore fit perfectly into every printing environment.


“After setting standards in A4 colour with the ineo+ 3350/3850 multifunctional devices, we have now
launched another benchmark product, the ineo+ 3850FS,” says Ronja Harste, Product Manager Office
Printing, International Marketing Division. “The ineo+ 3850FS offers a top-class feature set in the
standard configuration with an easy and intuitive operation concept like the well-known A3 ineo
devices. I really believe the ineo+ 3850FS will set standards in the market and is a perfect fit for any


Basic finishing functionality standard


The new ineo+ 3850FS offers the basic finishing functionality stapling, offset sorting and offset
grouping – as a standard feature of this A4 colour device. These standard finishing functions will
reduce the amount of manual work required for everyday document jobs. That will not only save office
workers time but also allow them to carry on with their normal work faster. Moreover, in medium-sized
or large workgroups the sorting and grouping functions will significantly reduce the inconvenience
caused when documents meant for various users get mixed up in the output tray.


Ease of operation


The ineo+ 3850FS comes with a 7-inch full-colour touchscreen panel and an intuitive multi-touch
operating concept that ensure it is easy to operate – unlike many other devices in the A4 office
segment where complicated user menus, confusing user interfaces or tiny displays are anything but
easy to use. The ineo+ 3850FS features an operating concept that office users will feel instantly at
home with, as it is similar to any smartphone or tablet. What’s more, the clearly designed user
interface and well-structured menus allow users to easily navigate their way through the system –
without consulting the instruction manual or going through lengthy training sessions. The advantage of
this ease of operation is the amount of time saved in routine jobs. That is not only good for business
productivity but also helps to make office work more enjoyable.


Great feature set


The ineo+ 3850FS comes with a full feature set, even in the standard configuration. Besides delivering
38 pages ppm in printing or copying mode, the ineo+ 3850FS comes with a standard paper capacity of
650 sheets (optionally extendable to 1,650 sheets), 1 GB of memory, a 320 GB hard disk, a PCL and
PostScript print controller and, of course, the integrated finisher. The ineo+ 3850FS can also print
Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF documents straight from a USB drive and be used as a
barcode/Unicode printer.

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