BLI Winter 2015 Pick Awards for DEVELOP A4 devices

Outstanding performance

Langenhagen, February 2015


DEVELOP has won the BLI Winter 2015 Pick Awards for three multifunctional A4 devices. The fact that the monochrome ineo 4750 and the colour ineo+ 3350 were rewarded for their “outstanding achievement in energy efficiency” at the BLI Winter 2015 Pick Awards is particularly good news for energy-conscious businesses. The ineo+ 3350 also won the BLI Winter 2015 Pick as the “outstanding A4 colour multifunctional printer for mid-size workgroups”. BLI Pick Awards are granted twice a year by Buyers Lab (BLI), an independent company that evaluates office document equipment and solution products based on an extensive list of different criteria.


Perfect for mid-size workgroups


The high performance, very good colour print quality, intuitive design, strong feature set and value for
money delivered by the ineo+ 3350 also convinced the BLI Jury that it was an outstanding device for
mid-size workgroups. “The implementation of our A3 core technologies into the A4 ineo+ 3350 was the
key factor in winning this Pick Award as it provides end users with a common user experience on all
our office devices,” says Ronja Harste, the Product Manager responsible. “Thanks to its flawless
reliability, intuitive operability and open architecture, which allows time- and money-saving solutions to
be integrated into the unit, the ineo+ 3350 is a perfect fit for mid-sized workgroups.”


Superb environmental feature set


The DEVELOP devices achieved better-than-average results for the majority of performance
categories in the BLI’s environmental tests. Their most remarkable achievement was a 43% lowerthan-
average estimated annual energy consumption rate. The BLI jury noted that this outstanding
energy efficiency performance came hand in hand with a “superb environmental feature set …
designed to reduce energy use or consumable and paper waste”. Julien Azzi, DEVELOP Product
Manager, points out that the Awards did not come out of the blue: “For years Konica Minolta has been
putting a great deal of effort into developing environmentally friendly materials and technologies. The
awards for the ineo 4750 and the ineo+ 3350 demonstrate that these efforts have resulted in improved energy efficiency, which in turn leads to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint for our customers.”


The BLI Pick awards are proof of the success of DEVELOP’s on-going quest to satisfy the needs of
different customers across diverse work environments, and of its commitment to the development of a
wide range of products featuring advanced, user-friendly and green technology. And they were not the
only prestigious awards DEVELOP’s A4 series won in 2014.


Red Dot Award 2014


Last year already, the ineo+ 3850 won the renowned Red Dot Award 2014 for its “unity of design and
functionality”. And it was not just pure design factors that convinced the panel of experts. The ineo
devices’ green technology – features such as “reduced power consumption, a lower environmental
impact, a better ecological footprint and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)” – were also highlighted.


More information:

Ronja Harste
DEVELOP Product Manager
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)511 7404-4427

Anne Häusler
Specialist Marketing Communications
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)511-7404-5354


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